Publicaciones del Centro de Biotecnología

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  • Lorena Escudero; Guillermo Chong; Cecilia Demergasso; María Eugenia Farías; Nathalie A. Cabrol; Edmond Grin; Edwin Minkley, Jr.; Yeoungeob Yu., 2007. Investigating microbial diversity and UV radiation impact at the high-altitude Lake Aguas Calientes, Chile. Proceedings Vol. 6694, Instruments, Methods, and Missions for Astrobiology X
  • Cabrol NA (Cabrol, Nathalie A.), Grin EA (Grin, Edmond A.), Chong G (Chong, Guillermo), Minkley E (Minkley, Edwin), Hock AN (Hock, Andrew N.), Yu Y (Yu, Youngseob), Bebout L (Bebout, Leslie), Fleming E (Fleming, Erich), Hader DP (Haeder, Donat P.), Demergasso C (Demergasso, Cecilia), Gibson J (Gibson, John), Escudero L (Escudero, Lorena), Dorador C (Dorador, Cristina), Lim D (Lim, Darlene), Woosley C (Woosley, Clayton), Morris RL (Morris, Robert L.), Tambley C (Tambley, Cristian), Gaete V (Gaete, Victor), Galvez ME (Galvez, Matthieu E.), Smith E (Smith, Eric), Peate IU (Peate, Ingrid Ukstins), Salazar C (Salazar, Carlos), Dawidowicz G (Dawidowicz, G.), Majerowicz J (Majerowicz, J.), 2009. The High-Lakes Project. JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-BIOGEOSCIENCES Volume: 114 Article Number: G00D06
  • Cecilia Demergasso, Cristina Dorador, Daniela Meneses, Jenny Blamey, Nathalie Cabrol, Lorena Escudero and Guillermo Chong, 2010. Prokaryotic diversity pattern in high altitude ecosystems of the Chilean Altiplano. JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-BIOGEOSCIENCES Volume: 115 Article Number: G00D09
  • C. Demergasso, F. Galleguillos, P. Soto, M. Serón and V. Iturriaga, 2010. Microbial succession during a heap bioleaching cycle of low grade copper sulphides. Does this knowledge mean a real input for industrial process design and control? (2010). Hydrometallurgy, Volume 104, Issues 3-4, Pages 382-390

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  • V. Zepeda, F. Galleguillos, Danny Castillo, Manuel Lastra, C. Demergasso. Bacterial Activity at Low Temperature in Cultures Derived from a Low-Grade Copper Sulphide Bioleaching Heap at the Escondida Mine, Chile. Advanced Material Research, 2007. Vols. 20-21: p. 543-546.